We Promote Menstrual Well-Being Globally By Providing Accurate Information, Engaging Discussions, And Reviewing Menstrual Products. Our Goal Is To Encourage Open Conversations, Advocate For Menstrual Equity, And Create A Supportive Space For Individuals To Navigate Their Menstrual Journeys Confidently.

"Our Story: Journey to Empowerment

Welcome to our website on period awareness! Our journey started on a day when the three of us decided to visit a temple together. As we approached the temple gates, one of us was informed that she couldn’t enter the temple because she was menstruating. This sparked curiosity and led us to question the reasoning behind this age-old taboo. We were determined to understand the science behind menstruation and the rituals associated with it, seeking to challenge misconceptions and create awareness. During a heartfelt conversation about our temple experience, one of our friends had a brilliant idea – “Why not create a website dedicated to period awareness?” And that’s when our mission began – to shed light on the hidden truths, embrace scientific knowledge, and provide a platform for open discussions.

Our Mission

We promote menstrual well-being globally by providing accurate information, engaging discussions, and reviewing menstrual products. Our goal is to encourage open conversations, advocate for menstrual equity, and create a supportive space for individuals to navigate their menstrual journeys confidently.

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