07 Mar


  • 11:00 am
  • Usha Mittal Institute Of Technology, Mumbai

-Attendees: 200+
Chief Guest: De. Bela Kedia, Dr.Freni Shah, Dr. Rachana Dhanawat, Trupti Pimpalkar

-The event "Bleed with Pride," organized by Satvik Ritu, aimed to raise awareness about menstrual wellness and break the stigma surrounding menstruation.
-Participants actively engaged in discussions, sharing personal experiences and perspectives on menstrual health.

17 Jun


  • Nashik

-Satvik Ritu, a project aimed at promoting menstrual wellness, participated in the prestigious Aavishkar Interuniversity Competition, representing SNDT University.
-One of Satvik Ritu's teammates represented the project in Nashik, where the competition was held.
-Participation in the Aavishkar Interuniversity Competition has inspired Satvik Ritu to further enhance their project and reach a wider audience.

30 Dec


  • 1:00 pm
  • Mulund

-The Satvik Ritu team had the privilege of visiting Fortis Hospital, where they had the opportunity to meet with renowned gynecologists, Dr. Bela Kedia and Dr. Freni Shah.
-During the visit, the team observed firsthand how Dr. Kedia and Dr. Shah interacted with patients, addressing their concerns.
-The team also learned about the need for continuous education and awareness-building initiatives to promote menstrual health and hygiene.

18 Dec

Ideathon 23 , Preincubation at WISE

  • 12:00 pm

-The journey began with mentor Vishram Bapat Sir and project Satvik Ritu.
- Received a message from college about an Ideation competition organized by WISE.
- Pitched idea in the next round and emerged as winners of Ideathon 2023-24.
- Signed agreement with WISE for preincubation of project.
- Provided with dedicated space at WISE to work on the project.

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