why avoid washing hairs during periods?

Every month women get their periods. This is a natural process. In this, impure blood comes out from the body of women. In earlier times, many types of rules were made regarding women during periods. Among these rules, there was also a rule that women should not wash their hair for three days during periods.

During periods, it is very important for women to have open bleeding, so that the impurities of the body come out well. It is necessary for the body to be warm to bring the bleeding freely. The cycle of periods is different for every woman. Some people bleed for three days, some for five and some days for seven days. In all this, the first three days are very special. If the head is washed in the meantime, then the body temperature decreases and in such a situation bleeding does not happen openly and the risk of many problems for the woman increases.

Another reason can be that  this idea was probably sensible a long ago in cultures where hair was only washed in rivers and/or communal baths (to keep blood out of common water and the not-so-clean, likely harsh soap containing water out of the female parts which may be more sensitive at that time) .

Some Women feel irritation if they get shampoo or soap on their intimate area during their period, so they prefer to time their hair washing away from the heaviest days.We shouldn’t take head bath because when we’re in periods, the nerves on our head is weak and washing our hair can change our body temperature as a whole and might lead PMS and might increase the menstrual pain. washing hair during menstruation decrease blood flow alot. During menstruation, body temperature is little high in order to totally release toxins and impurities.Washing hair comes down the body temperature which affects the blood flow. It is recommended all to not wash hair on those 3–4 days. Washing body is no issue , but head can be .

In various cultures around the world, there exists a belief or taboo suggesting that women should avoid washing their hair during menstruation. While this belief holds significance in certain communities, it is important to understand that it is rooted in cultural and superstitious beliefs rather than scientific evidence. This article aims to explore the reasons behind this belief and provide a balanced perspective by considering both cultural traditions and scientific understanding.

The belief of avoiding hair washing during menstruation is based on cultural and superstitious beliefs rather than scientific evidence. While this belief exists in certain cultures, it is important to note that there are no physiological reasons to support it. 

Historically, menstruation has been associated with taboos and cultural restrictions in many societies. These restrictions often extend to various aspects of daily life, including personal hygiene practices. The belief that hair washing should be avoided during menstruation is one such example.

One possible explanation for this belief is the association of menstruation with impurity or a perceived disruption of bodily balance. Some cultures view menstrual blood as unclean or consider women to be in a state of ritual impurity during their menstrual cycle. Consequently, these beliefs may extend to practices such as hair washing.

However, from a scientific perspective, menstruation is a natural physiological process that does not pose any health risks or require special restrictions. Maintaining good personal hygiene, including hair washing, is important during menstruation just as it is at any other time of the month.

Regular hair washing is essential for scalp and hair health. It helps remove dirt, excess oil, sweat, and product buildup, promoting cleanliness and overall well-being. Clean hair and scalp also contribute to maintaining healthy hair follicles and preventing conditions like dandruff or scalp infections.

It is crucial to prioritize evidence-based information and make informed decisions about personal hygiene practices. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your menstrual cycle or hair care routines, consulting with a healthcare professional or trusted source of medical advice is recommended.

In conclusion, the belief of avoiding hair washing during menstruation is not supported by scientific evidence. It is rooted in cultural and superstitious beliefs that vary across different societies. Maintaining good personal hygiene, including hair washing, is important during menstruation, as it promotes cleanliness and contributes to overall scalp and hair health.

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