The Sacred Significance of Menstruation in Hindu Tradition

Menstruation is the very origin of life form, as it is through this physiological process that women have been gifted with the virtue of giving birth. Ancient Hindu texts, like the Vedas, do not portray menstruating women as “impure”. In fact, these texts recognize the significance of the menstruation cycle.

Hindu scriptures refer to a menstruating woman as Rajaswala which means that during menses Raja in women increases exponentially. This is due to the anticipation of conception, and when conception does not take place, the excess of Raja is excreted from the body in the form of menstrual blood.

The Ayurveda states that during menses the Apāna Vāyu is activated in women, which causes movement in the downward direction. This facilitates the excretion of uterine tissues as well as toxins. Hence, as per the Hindu Knowledge System, menstruation is considered to be a very important physiological phenomenon.

-Dr Chandni Sengupta, Historian/Author/Guest Faculty, Southern New Hampshire University, USA

Chandni Sengupta, PhD

Historian/ Educator/ Author/ Researcher/ Founder, The Word Capital.

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