• It is a comprehensive website which a woman from the childhood to all age should know. With the change in time and education of girls this is really a useful website  .Almost  all problems during the menstruation of a women has been answered in this website.

1.Why name Satvik ?

It is still considered impure by some in society meaning non satvik , but it is a normal physiological phenomena of a women hood.  Nothing related to the purity of a women.

2.Why the women was not allowed to cook during this period?

My wife Dr Manju Jain answer this way that women is busy all 24X7 with no rest and male members do not know the cooking so it was probably to give the rest to women and to teach cooking in the time of need.

3.What a women should know about pregnancy and menstruation?

In other words menstruation is weeping of uterus for want of fertilization by male sperm .In general  pregnancy occurs during the the 7 to 14 day of menstruation if fertilization occurs by sexual intercourse  during this period.

4.What kind of sanitary pads should be used during the menstruation?

As far as possible use organic ,biodegradable or reusable sanitary pads  to save the ourselves from any harmful effects.

5.What are the likely harmful effects of the currently used sanitary pads ?

Recently the International Pollutant Elimination Network has tested 10  popular brands used in our country found that they all contain phthalets,volatile organic compounds which are enable to form the cancer cells .So it is found that these brands can cause Infertility, cancer,PCOD,Endometriosis.   

6.How these sanitary pads be disposed to avoid the environmental pollution?

Yes ,it contains upto 90 % of the plastics. It should be incinerated  or land filled .It takes 500 years to decompose ,potentially releasing toxic chemicals when they degrade and create micro plastics that threatens the health of ecosystem to environment.

7.Does these sanitary pads & used by children  can cause allergy also?

Yes ,it can as it contains polypropylene ,polyethylene & other plastic  which can cause allergy.

8.Can you suggest any any ecofriendly sanitary pads which can be distributed in schools?

Vatsalya Foundation of Baroda is making these pads by project named “Project Sakhi”which are burned in one natural Incinerator named “ashuddinashak”.

9.Young students of MDS Girls Hostel  asked why there is different symptoms in every girl?

Since the body and mental and hormonal status of every girl is different so the symptoms are also different.

10.Why some of the girl become unconscious but others do not in this period ?

Again the pain bearing capacity of each individual is different so some become unconscious but others do not.

11.They asked whether this menstrual blood may enter in abdomen ?

Yes ,it can but the chances are less but if it happen than it may enter the pelvic area and cause pelvic pain.In this condition it is better to consult the Gynecologist.

12.Why many women are asked to take rest and do not do the cooking was my question to them in my telephonic interview?

All three girls one Gangotri Jain a student of Architecture College ,Mili Goyal a Law student and Shubhi Vijay a Engineering student of Mohan Lal Sukhadia University  had different answer to this .one of them agreed that she had read about the scientific reasons not to visit the temple because of different gravitational status of women and the temple which may harm the women.

Another girl said that to give rest both physically and mentally she was not allowed to cook and do the strenuous works.

The third girl said that a religious angle was added to it because we Bhartiya believe in religious customs

13.They asked whether the Menstrual Cup is better or the now available plastic sanitary pads ?

Menstrual cup is better because there is less chances of allergy ,skin infection,burning,and it is not frequently required to be changed and chances of other diseases are less with this as compared to sanitary pads.

14. These girls asked why the bleeding become scanty & reappear after some days?

Again the possible cause may be hormonal imbalance ,family historyare likely to be the cause & it should be thoroughly investigated .

Likewise there are many misconceptions about the menstruation which can be addressed if asked by the girls.



Dr. P.C.Jain

M.B.B.S.,National I.M.A.Award  for community Services 2014, WATER HERO  Award  by Central Government 2020, Best Environment Worker, Rotary Club 2015

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